tagua rings - vegetable ivory rings

Tagua nut, aka vegetable ivory, is a natural, sustainable material from the rainforests of South America. As an environmentally-friendly alternative to tusk ivory, it's elephant-friendly, as well! They are hard, smooth and glossy, like polished wood, and are fairly sturdy but should still be treated with care. Please keep them dry to avoid warping, as they are a porous material. Also, please allow for small imperfections due to the natural material and hand-carving (nothing major, of course).

Note: as no two rings are identical, please take the photos as representative only; yours may vary somewhat from the ring pictured. Most range in height from about 7/8" to 1¼" tall and are a shade under 1" wide. Some retain some of the black parts of the tagua nut while others have no black parts at all.

Sorry! Currently all sold out!