venetian murano glass rings - solid glass rings with coloured bands

These rings feature gorgeous bands of transparent colour. They include a strip of goldstone (as pictured above), a sparkly glass that contains copper and which is more bronze than gold in colour. The goldstone strip often photographs lighter than it actually is. Most are about 3/4" to 1" tall, though there can be some variation. Each is one-of-a-kind! Listed in order from smallest to largest.

Important note about Murano sizing: sizes are approximate to about half a size, but the size listed is the minimum. For instance, size 7 could actually be 7, 7¼ or 7½, but not 6½. Please choose your size accordingly and do not try to squeeze into a too-small size. Because they're handmade, not machine-cut, they are not perfect mathematical circles in the center and thus cannot be measured by conventional methods.

venetian murano glass rings - solid glass ring with coloured bands

"Aurora" (x)    |   Sale! $22  $26 USD

There are some surface imperfections on the bottom red portion as shown in the largest photo. The price has been discounted.


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