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In a rush? Here's a rough guide:

- size 3 is pinky-size
- size 5 is small
- size 7 is medium
- size 9 is large

For precise measurements and international size conversions, refer to

Here's a quick USA/UK conversion guide:

USA 3 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am extremely careful about sizing and list my rings in quarter-size increments to help you get the closest fit you can.

Your size can fluctuate!

Keep in mind that there can be some flexibility; for instance, my middle finger is a 6, but can sometimes wear a 5½ if the ring is thin or 6½ if the ring is wide all around and covers a lot of the finger. Finger size also fluctuates depending on the temperature (fatter when warm, thinner when cold) or time of day! Activity that gets your blood pumping can also plump up your fingers; sometimes a ring will feel loose in the morning but fit just right after I've rushed around on my errands.

If you have large knuckles, make sure to account for that so the ring can slip past. Rings slip OFF when wet but slip ON easiest when your fingers are dry.

Need to figure out your ring size?

Here's a handy international chart:

Please note: the chart is linked for your reference only, and I cannot be responsible if you arrive at an incorrect measurement. I strongly recommend getting your finger sized by a jeweller. (More on this below.)

Remember: in general, 5 is small, 7 is medium and 9 is large (for the average woman).

To determine the diameter of your finger, measure the inside of a ring that fits you, making sure you measure straight across the dead-center (the ring must be perfectly circular inside). To determine the circumference of your finger, wrap some paper SNUGLY around it and then measure the paper. WARNING: I've had mixed results with these methods.

Be careful not to measure your fingers when they are cold, as that is when they are at their thinnest.

If you do get sized by a jeweller, their measuring device will probably consist of relatively thin bands to slip around your finger. Remember that with a thin band, it's easier to wear a size smaller; a chunkier ring that covers more of your finger might not fit the same way. Make sure you get a size range for your finger; then, when ordering a chunky ring, order at the larger end of your range. Example: I can sometimes wear a thin size 5½ ring on my size 6 finger (snugly), but with chunky rings, 5½ definitely won't fit — only 6 will fit.

As with clothes and shoes, sizing is never an exact science, especially when sizing tools are perfectly circular in circumference while fingers (and some rings) are not. Every effort is made to list the closest approximation possible; I triple-test by sizing on mandrels, testing on real fingers and by considering the designer's labelling. Again, however, sizing is not an exact science so there may be some slight variation. Please know I take sizing very seriously and have received virtually no complaints in the long history of this shop.

A warning if you've bought rings in a store before:

If you've ever bought a ring from a shop (particularly a costume ring), I recommend that you not judge your size based entirely on the size that was labelled. In my experience, having bought hundreds of costume rings in my life, the labelled size tends to be very approximate or even just plain incorrect.

If at first it doesn't fit, don't despair:

The same finger on your left and right hands can differ slightly in size. Measure both — maybe that ring you didn't think would fit can fit after all! If your ring is a bit tight or loose at first, remember that your finger size does fluctuate (as described at the top of this page). Sometimes, I buy more than one size of the same ring just so I can wear it in cold and hot weather.

A note about the sizes available in the store:

I know some people have trouble finding rings in their size. Unfortunately, I don't make these rings (except for some glass ones), so I have no control over the sizing! Keep in mind that I don't get as many small and large as I do medium, so they tend to sell out quickly. I've carried everything from size 2½ to 12¾ at one time or another. Believe me, it's not that I don't want to carry your size — it's just difficult sometimes to locate variety!

Every Murano ring page has special sizing information at the top; please read before ordering.

Have more questions?

If you didn't read it here, it's probably in the FAQ. Please be sure to read it if you have any inquiries.

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