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Here are just some of the kind things that my customers have had to say about their rings!

I received the ring yesterday and I
- Dawn, Pennsylvania

I was speechless when I opened the envelope, it was magnificent!! I think it's the most beautiful ring I have right now.
- Christine, Sweden

I just love my ring! It's an attention getter. Went out for sushi last night and even strangers kept on checking it out. A little work of art. I never thought that ring could just make my day. Thanks so much.
- Nicole, California

I cannot tell you how many compliments I get everytime I wear your rings in New York and Japan!
- Megumi, New York

I don't think I can ever go back to wearing metal rings!
- Whitney, San Jose

The website couldn't convey how cool and beautiful they are. I couldn't
be more pleased.
- Ceri, Kansas

The rings arrived today and I am so thrilled I can hardly tell you! I have been walking around all night staring at my hand!
- Susanne, Australia

You've got an amazing selection and completely affordable prices, which for a poor college student like myself is extremely important.
- Alexandra, New York

I don't know how I survived without this site! I'll have you know that I have been wearing clothes everyday that would match my rings, just in case [they arrive].
- Amy, Illinois

Oh. My. God. It is just the most fabulous thing ever. It looks sooooo gooood on! Your rings make me so happy! Is there a 12-step group for people addicted to buying them?
- Jeanne, Connecticut

Your site is fun, very well organized, the colors are accurate and the ordering is so easy. Thanks for the speedy service and especially for your honesty.
- Josette, Colorado

They are really beautiful and I enjoy wearing them.
- Manuela, Vienna

I'm addicted!
- Jaime, New York

The rings are BEAU-TI-FUL!! The aqua one keeps changing in the light, ooh... I feel like Gollum in Lord of the Rings and these are "my preciousssss."
- Debbie, UK

I only wish I had more fingers...
- Anita, Australia

Great site, I have recommended it to almost all of my friends as it is definitely my favorite (I have suddenly turned into a huge ring buff).
- Kristin, Texas

I have to say you have the greatest site I have ever seen! Well-made, easy to navigate... you can tell you have really put your heart into it. The rings are so unique. You have really represented them well on the website so that what you see is what you get!
- Vicky, Arizona

I LOVE your site — and all the rings... I'm going to have be very diligent and not visit too often — too tempting — although it's a great spot for gifts too!
- Lisa, California

I might just have to start my own plastic ring collection, seriously!
- Stacey, Missouri

I received my jade ring on Saturday and it is wonderful. It fits perfect. I had ordered a jade band from another shopping site, and the quality of it was not near as good as yours. I returned it, but this one is great.
- Kathy, California

Just received my ring — THANKS! I love it. And I'm sure I'll be back in touch to buy more, more, more...
- Kelly, New Jersey

They are absolutely beautiful, and I have been enjoying them immensely.
- Jill, Chicago

I am an instant fan!
- Erin, Oklahoma

I received my Murano rings yesterday. I love the rings I ordered from you before, and always get lots of compliments on them. They are the perfect right hand rings!
- Shannon, South Carolina

I just received the ring! I didn't expect it to come so soon, but I'm really glad it did. It's a perfect fit and I absolutely love it.
- Laura, Los Angeles

I can't wait to see my daughter's face when she opens them! Thanks, they are beautiful!
- Sandra, California

I absolutely love your site you have the best collection of rings ever! I wear my rings all the time and I just ordered more for me and now some for my friends. Keep up the great work!
- Amelia, Pennsylvania

I LOVE THEM! They arrived so quickly, were packaged securely and deliciously beautiful!
- Angela, Los Angeles

Got my rings today. They're even more gorgeous than they looked on your website, if that's possible. Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
- Anne, Seattle

What a fantastic selection of rings. I have been looking for a site like this for AGES!!
- Lynne, Scotland

The rings came just fine. It was a real thrill, I tell you!
- Priscilla, Alaska

It is so simple and elegant! You just have one of the nicest stores!
- Veronica, Washington

I received my order on Saturday and I love all my new rings! They look exactly like they do on the website.
- Kay, Las Vegas

I was very impressed with the service that I received and I will recommend your site to all of my friends!
- Lacey, Ohio

I received my rings yesterday and I am so pleased with them! The rings are all so gorgeous and the variety is awesome, I cannot stop looking at them.
- Karen, Ontario

I really appreciated the well taken photos & detailed descriptions. The site design is also wonderful and easy to navigate! The colors were even more vibrant than I had expected (juicy!), and they feel good on. I can type and write as usual, plus a great ring makes knitting feel so much more glamorous! I couldn't help but want more.
- Lacey, Oklahoma

My rings came today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! Honestly, your shop has got to be my new favorite place :) I'm sure you will be receiving many more orders from me! Wonderful service, and fabulous products! Thanks a bundle!
- Lillian, Texas

THANK YOU SO MUCH for remembering the item I wished to purchase. You have exceptional customer service!
- Jaime, Wyoming

Got it today! This is the most fun ring I have ever owned. I can't stop playing with it.
- Fusun, South Carolina

Love love love your site... makes me smile.
- Victoria, New York

I have died and gone to heaven.
- Lynda, Texas

I'm a NYC girlie and, despite all the boutiques at my disposal, I can't find half the wonderful trinkets you have on your website.
- Sarah, New York

Thanks for your speedy shipping. Now I have to buy one for my sister!
- Justine, Massachusetts

It's really amazing!
- Martin, Maryland

Great site — great products! These are really cool and so much more affordable than the French crystal rings!
- Patt, UK

I love your stuff — I'm sooo excited!
- Loren, Georgia

You have really represented them well on the website so that what you see is what you get! I can't wait to receive my 3rd ring... and place more orders! Keep up the good work!
- Vicky, Arizona

I loved the rings that I purchased from you previously. My plastic ring collection is growing in size thanks to you. Great site and service.
- Christine, New York

What a great site!
- Alexandra, Missouri

Your site is a godsend!
- SunJu, Maryland

I enjoy your site very much and hope that you continue to provide for the discriminating consumer. I'll be back!
- Susan, Idaho

I love this site; I have the same obsession!
- Shannon, New York

I had been looking everywhere for a site like yours! Thank you!
- Mindy, California

What a fab site! I have been collecting non-metal rings for about ten years and I'm wondering why I haven't seen this site before!
- Erin, Ohio

Your site is beautiful and so are the rings. I can't wait to wear my pretty flower ring. :)
- Linda, California

This site is awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work!
- Sarah, Nevada

More, please!
- Irma, Illinois

My wedding is in October! And ONE of these is going to be my wedding band!
- Tom, Los Angeles

I got the ring over the weekend — thanks so much for shipping it out so fast. I've been very happy with everything I bought from you, and will be sure to check back at the site for new stuff. Looking forward to shopping with you in the future :)
- Jennifer, Maryland

Thanks for a truly fun website — fun to read, informative, easy to follow, really pretty, and OF COURSE great to buy from !!!!!!!!!!!
- Kate, Illinois

I love this ring!
- Ann, Ohio

I told my friends all about them and now they all want one. I don't know which ring i want, I love them all! I just wanted to tell you I think the rings are really awesome!
- Molly, Wisconsin

I'm in love! They are just too beautiful. I can see this becoming an obsession!
- Debbie, UK

Thanks, I love them all! The compliments are already rolling in!
- Stefanie, Arizona

Thanks, everyone! I sincerely appreciate it!

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