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Store Inventory ("Do you have ___?")

Does this ring come in any other sizes / colours?
Do you have _____?
Can you make _____?

All the available sizes, colours and styles I have are listed in the store. If it's not there, I either sold it or don't have it, sorry! If I know I'll be restocking that style, it will say so on the page (read more below). Please keep in mind I only make the glassfiction rings (currently on hiatus), not the others.

Can you get this ring in my size?

People often ask why I don't carry smaller/larger sizes, when I will, or where else they can find them. Please see the following for the answer:

Except for my glassfiction line, I don't make these rings — unfortunately, this means I have no control over what sizes are available. Sizes normally range from 5 to 9, though not in every style (I've carried everything from 2½ to 11 at one time or another). Keep in mind that I don't get as many of the smaller and larger sizes, so they tend to sell out quickly. If you don't see your size in a particular style, it either sold or is not available in that size at all.

Believe me, it's not that I don't want to offer more sizes — they're just difficult to find! My ring finger is a size 4, so I'm in the same boat. Apologies to those who can't find what they're looking for.

The ring is out of stock! Will you be getting more?

Every page will tell you whether or not those rings will be restocked (near the bottom). However, even if I do happen to restock a certain style, there's no guarantee one will be available in your size (this means you should grab one when you can!). If you don't see anything about whether or not that ring will be restocked, it's because I simply don't know yet. Please understand that due to demand, I am no longer able to email individual notices when something is restocked. Also, I cannot answer questions about whether specific sizes will come in or not and cannot give out specific restocking dates.

I'm looking for _____. Do you have it?

Again, if you don't see it in the store, I'm sorry to say that I don't have it.

There's a ring in your personal collection that I like. Will you sell it or have rings like it in stock?

Please check the store; some of them, like the Murano glass rings, are almost always in stock. If you don't see it in the store right now, it probably means you missed it or it was just something I bought for myself somewhere, sorry. Rings from my personal collection are not for sale.

Do you have a print catalogue?

No. The inventory turnover is too fast and the cost of printing is too high for it to make sense. It would be a sad waste of paper!

Do you have a "real" (not online) store I can visit?

This website is as real as it gets :)

Ordering / Shipping / Payment

What payment methods do you accept?

In short, credit cards and PayPal. Please refer to the payment page for details.

How much is shipping to _____?

I ship worldwide. See shipping rates.

How soon will my order arrive?

As I have no control over the postal service, I cannot give you a definite date (but most arrive within 5-12 business days). I drop packages in the mail every day; Canada Post handles packages Mon-Fri. Read more about shipping details.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to the TOS page.

Do you have gift certificates / gift cards?

Unfortunately, I don't offer gift certificates at the moment. I've been thinking about it but haven't had time to work out all the details. If they do become available, they will be clearly listed in the shop alongside the rings.


Why don't you have my size? Or men's sizes?

Please refer to "Questions About the Store Inventory" (above).

Can you help me figure out my ring size?

Yes! I've compiled all the information you need on this page. However, getting your size right is up to you, so I recommend being sized by a professional jeweller — just ask next time you're in the mall! But be sure to read my sizing info page first, as it contains tips on being sized by a jeweller (especially since many of my rings are chunkier than most traditional rings).

Will the _____ ring fit me?

If you are wondering how a particular ring in the shop fits (for example, whether the size 7 "Magda" is also safe for a size 7¼), feel free to email me. For general sizing inquiries, please refer to the sizing page.

Can I resize a glass or plastic ring?

If the ring is too small, the short answer is "no," unfortunately. If the ring is too large, try searching online for "ring guard solution" or "ring size reducer." Please note that I have no personal experience with such products and cannot vouch for how they work, particularly with non-metal rings.

About the Rings

You know that black ring? How 'bout you make it in red?

I don't make these rings! (I would hate to take credit for someone else's work.) If it doesn't come in the colour you want, it's either sold or didn't come in that colour in the first place, sorry. I do sell some of my own handmade glass rings, but I'm not taking custom orders for those yet.

Do they break easily?

Not in my experience, but it all depends on how you treat them! Please read my care instructions for lots of tips. The only time I broke a ring was when I accidentally smashed a delicate glass piece against a metal pole. I don't recommend it.

Are your pieces new or vintage?

Unless stated otherwise, the rings in the store are new and unworn.

Business-Related Questions

Do you sell wholesale?

Not at this time, and I don't have any plans to do so in the future.

I make non-metal rings. Would you be interested in selling them?

I am not looking for new suppliers at this time but will update here if that changes. Thank you!

Do you have a mailing list?

Not at the moment.

Would you like to advertise with us or work with our PR agency?

Thanks, but not at this time. This is a tiny business which currently doesn't spend money on advertising or press, and I don't run ads on my site.

My company needs 20,000 custom-made rings...

I'm sorry but I don't produce plastic rings and am generally not equipped to handle mass orders like this.

Blog Questions

Can I be featured on your blog?

Sorry, I am not looking for submissions for my blog. I prefer to write about rings I come across on my own and I also have a backlog of hundreds (really, hundreds) that I am working through — but it only grows longer as I continue to encounter new designers! You might even be in my list already :) I blog for the fun of the discovery.

Where can I buy that ring I saw on your blog?

Every entry links directly to the person who made the ring. Please contact them, as they would know much better than I would!

Do you have an RSS feed?

Not at this time, sorry. I do keep mirrors of my blog on Tumblr and Blogspot that you can follow.

Other Questions

I broke my ring! Can I fix it?

For plastic, I think the only remedy is glue (E6000 is considered by many to be the best for jewellery) — but don't try that with glass! Broken glass is dangerous and should be discarded, painful as it is to say. To attempt glass repair, you must know what kind of glass was used to make the ring (since different types are incompatible) and the repair would involve melting down part of the original ring in order to fuse it with the new part, then re-annealing in a kiln. It's usually much more hassle than it's worth. Please note that I do not offer a repair service myself.

Can I get a real diamond set in plastic or glass?

For glass, the short answer is "no." Cubic zirconia can be set in glass, but not diamond. For all other materials, please ask a jeweller who works with diamonds, as I have no personal experience in this area.

I'm an electrician and can't wear a metal wedding band. What can I do?

Try a wooden band; a quick web search will start you off in finding the right designer for you. (I never knew what a common problem this is until I started this site!)

Can you tell me the value of this ring I own? Where it's from? How to restore it? etc.

Valuation is not my area of expertise. I would suggest asking a trusted jeweller or antiques dealer in your area, as they will be able to see the piece in person.

Why are you called The Carrotbox?

Seriously! What was I thinking?

What's your email address?

My apologies for putting this here at the bottom. I DO want to hear from you. I just prefer to address the above matters on this page, as it's faster for us both and allows me to save my spare time for tracking down great rings! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Please note: I am not seeking submissions of any type for my blog. Please do not ask to be featured. Thank you!

My email address is:

this domain name at gmail

Thank you very much for reading,

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