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Welcome to (part of) my collection.

First off, apologies for the poor photo quality; many of these pictures go back years — even decades! I haven't photographed every ring I own but here is a large part of my collection: 320 rings (or ring sets) on display, not including the rings I made myself or the Dodd rings.

Rings purchased or received as gifts:

Glass (lampwork) rings made by me:

A very small sampling from when I was more active in the glass studio:

glass rings made by me

Robert Dodd celluloid rings:

My collection includes rings by the late Robert Dodd (read about him below). The miniature ring shown is a one-off; the rest are wearable by regular-sized humans.

rings by Robert Dodd

Sadly, Mr. Dodd passed away at his home on November 25, 2008, two weeks after his 91st birthday. Below is my original write-up on this amazing artist.

In January 2005, I was contacted by someone named Jerry Dodd. It turns out that his 87-year-old father, Robert Dodd, has been constructing celluloid rings for over sixty years, while Jerry himself has been making them for over forty years! (Celluloid was the first plastic.) [Update: Robert Dodd celebrated his 91st birthday on November 11, 2008, and has now been making these rings for over 70 years!] The rings are painstakingly assembled out of 20-150 separate pieces, with no tools being used but their own hands (no molds and no glue, either). Robert's rings were on display in the National Plastics Center & Museum in Leominster, Massachusetts (now closed). I was thrilled when Jerry very generously offered to send me some samples (refusing anything in return).

I used to carry a selection of Robert Dodd rings in my shop, as well. Here is a sampling that shows what a great artist he was.

rings by Robert Dodd

Robert Dodd rings on display at the National Plastics Museum in Massachusetts:

His rings as seen on p.60 of Celluloid Collectors Reference and Value Guide:

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Please note that the rings above are part of my personal collection and are not for sale.