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The Carrotbox is for anyone who loves glass rings, lucite rings, wood, agate, plastic, resin, acrylic, jade, etc. — anything, as long as there's no metal!

Why glass and plastic rings?

It all started because I'm allergic to metals. These days, it's a bit better than it used to be; I can occasionally wear sterling for short periods of time, but never anything that only looks like silver or gold. However, I'd love glass and plastic even if I weren't allergic to "regular" rings. They're interesting. And colourful. And so much fun to collect.

But glass and plastic are difficult to find

Not impossible, but difficult — it's a big, metal world out there. Plastic went through waves of popularity throughout the 20th century but, since rings are small and easy to lose, most surviving vintage jewellery pieces are larger items like necklaces and bangles.

About the site

The main mission of my ring shop is to spread glass, plastic and other non-metal rings to people all around the world. I work hard to find quality items — if I wouldn't wear it myself, I won't sell it.

I opened up shop (way back in 2003) because after an exhaustive search of the www — trying to buy rings for my own collection — I realized nobody out there had a site devoted to non-metal rings. Well, now there is, and I've learned I'm not the only one with this obsession :)

My blog has been going just as long and has always been 100% ad-free. It's the one place on my site where you'll find metal rings.

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