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Friday, January 29, 2010

Closing out the week with some nice, modern silver, starting with Germany's Lilli Veers (above).

Spikey ring by Spain's Cristina Déniz Sosa.

"Reticular II" by Argentina's Cecilia Richard.

"Structure in Space" by Germany's Toeffel Design (Christoph Koechert).

"Algorithmic" rings by Switzerland's Philippe Cramer.

Bonus link:
Want even more modern metal jewellery? Germany's Gabriele von Miller-Lehsten fits the bill. Check out her geometric pieces in gold, silver and acrylic.

Even more jewellery:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

At first glance, you might not think this is the most realistic flower ring you've ever seen.

But first glances can be deceiving. This "ring machine," by Austrian designers Birgit Paula Reiger and Bernd Stelzer of paula.paul, includes a hidden button that controls the petals and stem, allowing them to droop or blossom as a real flower would.

Bonus link: it's tough to beat the realism of actual flowers. Genevieve Beaulieu and Claudine Thibault of Quebec's Lubie use real flowers, shells, leaves and quartz in their spring, summer, fall and winter collections, respectively.

Even more jewellery:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unlike Monday's Memorings, these stacks of paper are no longer meant to be peeled apart. Littlefly, by London artist Jeremy May, is a collection of "literary jewels" made by cutting pages out of a book and laminating the sheets together. The resulting pieces are then re-inserted into the original book — the perfect display case. [See also: Betty Pepper]

Bonus link: this band was made from a copy of Lord of the Rings (and was later bought by someone who worked on the movies). Ring by UK artist Hannah Lobley, who works with recycled paper and books.

Even more jewellery:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday's sharpeners not your style? Keeping in mind that the word "style" comes from the Latin stilus, meaning "writing instrument," check out these calligraphy rings by Florida artist Meryl Pataky. Made of silver, ink and a calligraphy nib, they're dedicated to "those literary masters who have changed [her] perspective of life."

Bonus link:
If you like the look of Chinese calligraphy, French jeweller Ann Gérard has this shiny gold cuff ring emblazoned with the character for "wisdom" (€1250).

Even more jewellery:

Monday, January 25, 2010

If you don't spend all weekend just itching to get back into the office on Monday, you must not be using the right stationery. These sticky-note rings will have you counting down the minutes until your next meeting. Memorings by Superdesign; available, among other places, at PA Design.

Of course, you'll need something to keep that pencil pointy, too. Sharpener rings by Argentina's Ignacio Pilotto.

Bonus link:
If you're a super keener, you'll need some triple sharpening action. Multi-sharpener ring by London-based Portuguese designer Ana Canadas.

Even more jewellery:

Friday, January 22, 2010

I've exceeded my daily recommended intake of awesome. Milwaukee's Lucy Derickson made a mold of her face, divvied it into a grid, then turned each section into a ring. This is one of her projects as a student at the University of Wisconsin (UWM), which is also where yesterday's Patrick Walter is a student.

Bonus link:
For more great work out of UWM, see the student works blog from the Industrial Processes course taught by Assistant Professor Frankie Flood. Lots of amazing rings to see there!

Even more jewellery:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I wonder if you'd be allowed to board a plane wearing this ring.

Milwaukee metalsmith Patrick Charles Walter is all fired up about cannons.

Bonus link: New York's Surface to Air, a long-time favourite, actually do warn against packing their weapon-themed jewellery in your luggage when flying. Pictured is their double gun ring.

Even more jewellery:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Neither I nor words can describe how much I love these rings by Japanese jeweller Rui Kikuchi. Find them in the "exhibitions" section of her site. Go now!

Bonus link:
If you like the seaweed-like recycled plastic rings above, check out this seaweed ring in silver by Hawaiian designer Sierra Dew (also available in gold).

Even more jewellery:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bangkok's Mollika Ruangkritya, aka Kloset, takes you back in time with her "Reminiscence" collection. From prop plane earrings to bangles adorned with Slipstream sedans to the geometric architecture in the rings above, the collection is a great homage to the Art Deco period.

Bonus link:
Well-known accessories designer CC Skye also has a number of Art Deco-inspired pieces, such as this "Blossom" ring in black enamel and crystals, US$245.

Even more jewellery:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Michigan's Jessica Lynn Steenwyk elevates the puzzle ring from kitsch to glam with her highly-stylized jigsaw blocks. A couple more from the designer, below:

Bonus link:
Here's Connecticut jeweller Pamela Proctor's version of a puzzle ring. Her "twisted puzzle" eschews the busy outlines of a jigsaw shape in favour of fluid silver.

Even more jewellery:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Will 2010, at last, be the year of the baby-faced crystal knob ring? I certainly hope so. Don't miss the work of Spain's Grego Garcia Tebar!

Bonus link:
Like the ring above, this piece can be flipped and worn two ways: one side is monogrammed while the other side holds a personalized photo. Ring by Connecticut's Romero Designs.

Even more jewellery:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean but complicated — that's the M.O. of Finnish jeweller Inni Pärnänen, who creates botanical jewellery with a geometric bent.

Above, her flower rings in burnt paper and wax.

One more ring in silver and pink paint.

Bonus link:
For more botanical silver rings, check out UK jeweller Charlie High, whose many collections include one based on the (in my opinion) under-represented fern.

Even more jewellery:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hate the fact that when I see the red, blue and yellow squares of a Mondrian painting, my mind turns to hair gel. I guess those package designers knew what they were doing when they decided to co-opt one of the masters. You win this round, L'Oréal Paris, but here are some jewellers who bring things back into the art realm with their Mondrian-inspired pieces. Rings, above, by Turkey's Sergun (top), Austria's Claudia Steiner (mauve background), Spain's Patricia Pla (dark grey backgrounds) and California's Frey Wille (white background).

Bonus link:
New York's Carole Le Bris Perez, the designer behind La Petite Princesse, was also inspired by a major artist when making this Andy Warhol flower ring.

Even more jewellery:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now that's my kind of emerald ring.

Japanese design duo Fumiko Yamauchi and Shinobu Marotta, aka igo, reinvent the emerald-, marquise- and heart-cut gemstone with these awesome outline rings. Of course, if gems aren't your style, you can always have an entire city wrapped around your finger instead:

Bonus link: for map rings of the paper variety, check out Chicago-native Naomi Muirhead, who now resides in Italy. Her jewellery features vintage Italian maps, letters, watch parts, game pieces and more.

Even more jewellery:

  • Polli (Australia) - metal outlines
  • 821 (Japan) - vintage pieces
  • Petra Class (San Francisco) - gold & gems
  • Azaara (Los Angeles) - ornate & bejeweled
  • Jesse Mathes (Chicago) - silver circles

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brilliant! UK jeweller Jenny Llewellyn combines silver and silicone in her wonderfully whimsical pieces inspired by the deep sea. Rings above from her "Polyps" range.

Did I mention they also glow in the dark? Like I said, brilliant!

Bonus link: Israel's Orly Wexler also uses colourful silicone in her rings, combining the material with equally colourful gemstones. Black rubber also figures prominently in her jewellery — visit her site for more!

Even more jewellery:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Usually, people like to use December to clear out the old and make way for the new in January. I thought I'd done a decent job of cleaning up my image folder until I found this ring montage that I originally cobbled together in November. Oops. Er, that would be November of two thousand and eight. Oops x 365. Please avoid my bad example and make no delay in visiting UK jeweller Michelle Ni, creator of these elegantly fanciful rings.

Bonus link: here's another couple of rings I'd describe as being "elegantly fanciful" (an annoying phrase that I wish I'd stop using, sheesh). Resin rings with silver and gold wire by Japanese jeweller Emiko Suo.

Even more jewellery:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010, here we come!

To kick things off, a fortuitous find: I went all googly-eyed when I first saw these rings but the artist didn't have a personal site I could link to. On my inaugural ring-searching foray of the year, however, I happily discovered that Australia's Natalia Milosz-Piekarska now has a blog where she posts images of her awesome work — including the beloved rings! And that means I get to start 2010 with her "Grandma" rings, which were made by layering found materials (bread tags, lace, newspaper, etc.) and encasing them in resin. Geologically gorgeous. Here's hoping more web-shy jewellers come out of their shells this year!

Bonus link: speaking of shells, here's a ring that's shaped like one. Like the rings above, this was also made by recycling materials — plastic pens, in this case! Piece by Martha A. Andrew of Philadelphia's MarMar Jewels.

Even more jewellery:

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