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Next update: April 29, 2014

  April 15, 2014
As promised, more colours in the tagua rings!

As you may have noticed, however, the biggest update this week is that I have added a PayPal shopping cart to the site. There were some pros and cons to doing this but hopefully the "cons" will be largely un-noticed! One caveat: non-U.S. customers will have to add an international shipping upgrade once per order (there is a link above every "add to cart" button); this is because PayPal does not allow Canadian accounts to set international shipping rates.

I hope you enjoy the changes. Thanks again for visiting!

tagua rings

  April 1, 2014
  New colours and restocks in the tagua rings!
I should have more next update, as well.
tagua rings

  March 18, 2014
  glass catseye rings
yellow lucite rings

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