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Murano Glass Rings

 solid glass rings
solid glass ringssolid glass ringssolid glass rings

These solid glass rings are classics that you'll never stop wearing. The dome design is reminiscent of those famous Lalique crystal rings — but you don't have to spend $200 to own one of these! Because they are handmade, the size and shape will vary from ring to ring; please take the photos as representative.

About Murano Glass: these solid glass rings come from Murano, Italy, a group of islands world-famous for their beautiful glass art. In 1291, due to the fire risk from glass furnaces, all Venetian glass- makers were forced to move to the Murano islands; there, they remained isolated for centuries in order to safeguard their special technique from others. Lucky for us, the tradition lives on today.

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 amethyst purple glass ring
amethyst purple glass ring - side view
amethyst purple glass ring - hand
Amethyst "Alda"
US$18 - approx. sizes (details above)

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 aqua glass ring
aqua glass ring - side view
aqua glass ring - hand
Aqua "Alda"
(sizing approximate - details above)

One of the site's all-time best sellers is back in stock!

Sold Out - Thank You!

 aqua glass ring - side view
aqua glass ring
Aqua "Alda" - Slimmer
US$18 - approx. sizes (details above)

This batch contains rings which are a bit less chunky than the others.

One size left:

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 emerald green glass ring
emerald green glass ring
emerald green glass ring - hand
Emerald "Alda" - Shorter
US$18 - approx. sizes (details above)

These rings are a bit shorter in the dome and may be slightly lighter in colour as the glass is a bit less thick; photo #1 shows a sample comparison to the regular size.

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 spring green Italian glass ring
spring green Venetian glass ring - side view
spring green Murano glass ring - hand
Spring Green "Alda"
US$18 - approx. sizes (details above)

One size left:

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 Will these rings be restocked?  
These rings are almost always kept in stock and sizes are replenished from time to time. Currently, I do not know when the next restocking will be. Please keep your eye on the What's New page.

More Murano Glass!

More Murano Glass!

More Murano Glass!

More Murano Glass!

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