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Handmade Antique Celluloid Rings
by Robert Dodd (1917-2008)

Sadly, Mr. Dodd passed away at his home on November 25, 2008, two weeks after his 91st birthday. Below is my original write-up on this amazing artist.

Robert Dodd lives in Illinois and has been handcrafting celluloid rings since 1937 — that's over 70 years! These incredible, light-weight pieces are painstakingly assembled from 20-150 separate pieces of rare antique celluloid (the material was popular in the 1870s) with no molds and no glue. Heat is used to shape the plastic and acetone bonds bits together. Robert's rings are on display in the National Plastics Center & Museum in Massachusetts. These conversation pieces are truly one-of-a-kind works of art and essential for any collector. Great for men, too! Read more about them on my personal collection page.

Please note that due to the antique materials used, these rings have an inherent "well-worn" vintage look that is part of their charm!

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